Just a few of our projects since 1996

Strong Fleet of Tri Axles and Tractors

Pioneer Construction hauling a Volvo Excavator to a Pipeline Project in Scranton, PA
Volvo Excavator Move | Scranton, PA
Pioneer Construction hauling a Volvo A35D Rock Truck on a Kenworth Lowboy in Scranton, PA.
Volvo A35 | Dickson City, PA
Pioneer Construction's Matting inventory with lowboy international located in Honesdale, PA
Matting for Pipeline & Powerline Construction | Honesdale, PA

Pioneer Construction's Red and Gray Western Star Triaxle located in Wilkes Barre, PA Pipeline Division
Western Star Triaxle | Wilkes Barre, PA
Pioneer Construction equipment staging in Montrose, PA for new construction of a water treatment plant.
Water Treatment Plant Upgrade | Montrose, PA
Pioneer Construction's Two Red Kenworth Lowboys located in Waymart, PA
Pair of Kenworth Lowboys | Waymart, PA
Pioneer Construction shown milling and paving a road after completing a pipeline in Pike County, PA
Kenworth Paving and Milling | Pike County, PA
Western Star
Substation and Powerline Upgrade | Scranton, PA
Substation and Powerline Upgrade | Scranton, PA
Nay Aug 2015
Project Funded by American Water Foundation | Scranton, PA

Nay Aug Avenue Natural Park

Park for teaching environmental education to children. Project received grants from American Water Foundation, National Recreation and Park Association, among others.

Bridges and Dams

Keen Lake Bridge 2
Keen Lake Bridge 3

Keen Lake Bridge | Waymart, PA

Bridge 2015

Bridge Replacement with Water Main Protection | Wallenpaupack, PA

Bridge-14 2015

Deck Replacement

03 375
03 327

Paupack Bridge / Dam Combination | Wallenpaupack, PA

South Cannan August 21 2013 087
photo (2) ecms#9855

South Cannan, PA

New Dam Construction with construction equipment excavating material away from site in Waymart, PA
Glass Pond Dam | Waymart, PA
Drained lake with new concrete dam Pioneer Construction built in Waymart, PA.
Glass Pond Dam |Waymart, PA

Industrial Parks

Pioneer Construction clearing and grading for a new car dealership located in Dickson City, PA.
2014 845

Gibbons Ford|Dickson City, PA

Kahr Arms 2015

Kahr Arms Gun Factory |Pike County, PA


Moosic Development Scranton, PA

Crestwood Industrial Park | Scranton, PA


E&S and Civil Construction

Substation -2015
Substation -2015-2

Drilling and Trenching | Allentown, PA


Clinton, PA Substation

Pioneer Construction vacuum truck digging around underground power within a substation located in Honesdale, PA.
Pioneer Construction demolition of concrete pads inside a substation located in Honesdale, PA

Honesdale, PA Substation

Transmission Line / Environmental

Pioneer Construction trimming trees along a right of way for a power line in Mt. Pocono, PA.

138 Kv Upgrade: Roads, Pads, Trimming Lake Harmony

Pioneer Construction restoring roads after a 500KV power line upgrade in Scranton, PA

Susquehanna Roseland Project- Restoration

Pioneer Construction excavating for a temporary bridge set for powerline construction in Blooming Grove, PA
Pioneer Construction installing a temporary bridge for powerline construction in Blooming Grove, PA

Temporary Bridge Replacement To Permanent – Blooming Grove, PA

imagejpeg_0 (2)

Bat Mitigation -Multiple Sites

Pioneer Construction installing roads and pads for powerline construction access roads in Blooming Grove, PA
BloomingGrove 1
138 KV Upgrade | Blooming Grove, PA

Continuous Hauling Support

Pioneer Construction Drilling a Cassion Foundation for a powerline upgrade. Watson Drill with a loader and excavator shown in Tobyhanna, PA
138 KV Upgrade |Tobyhanna, PA

Pipe / Heavy Utilities

48″ Ductile

A few Mainline Water Projects

Water Main Hazleton 2015
8″ Water | Hazelton, PA
Bostik Booster Pump Station
bridge-13 2015

Bostik Booster Pump Station


Pump Station |West Fall Township, PA

Pioneer Construction installing a new ductile iron waterline in Hazleton, PA.
Pioneer Construction installing a butt fusion sewer pipeline in Avoca, PA.
Pioneer Construction installing erosion controls, matting, BMPs for a site project in Scranton, PA

*Over 100+ Projects Completed Each Year

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